Mr. Eco


Get Renewable Energy

Talk with your parents about getting Solar! Getting solar doesn’t have to be super expensive because you can get the panels installed for free and instead of paying your utility provider for dirty energy, you can pay your solar company each month. If you absolutely can’t get solar, there are some utility providers that allow you to select what percent of renewable energy you want your house to use and you can pay more for it. We HAVE to switch to Renewable Energy as fast as we can.

Energy Efficiency

If there is no way you can get solar, and there is no way to select renewable energy coming to you from the grid, you must be as energy efficient as possible. That means, don’t waste energy! Here are some tips.

Get Electric Cars

We have to get gas cars off of the road as soon as possible. Ideally 20 years ago. Buying a new car is a big expense but when that does happen, you must encourage your parents to buy an electric car or at least a plug in hybrid car that uses it’s battery before gas.

Don’t Waste Food

In the US, it is estimated 40% of food grown is never eaten. This is insane. The amount of resources it takes to make and grow food is astronomical and 40% is being wasted! EcoHeroes never waste food. See some tips here.

Eat Less Or No Meat

Raising mass amounts of animals, particularly cows in industrialized farming is horrible for the planet. We cut down forests for pastureland and to grow corn/grain to feed cows. If you can’t completely cut out red meat, please reduce it.

Use Reusable Items

Plastic pollution is a horrific problem in our world’s oceans and the amount that the plastics industry is slated to grow is terrifying. We have to stop using single use plastics. Become a 5 Gyres’ ambassador to fight plastic pollution here.


Recycling and composting are last resources. We must reduce, reuse and rethink before recycling and composting. We do want to recycle and we don’t want to send food waste to landfills, however, do not consider yourself an EcoHero if these are the only two things you do. They are level 1 EcoHero tasks.