About Mr. Eco


He started writing his own raps in high school (about normal rapper things) but it wasn’t until college where he created Mr. Eco and started rapping about the environment when he was a part of the “Green Campus Program” which helped promote energy and water efficiency to college students. He then started performing at local elementary schools and realized very quickly that was the target audience. Mr. Eco majored in Business: Entrepreneurship and knew he wanted to start his own business that would help impact the world in a positive way.


You may have seen cute little kids in Mr. Eco’s music videos. The ones featured the most are Mr. Eco’s nephews and niece. Lil Nico, Marky Marcus, Ellie El and soon to be featured Biggie Lou.


2012:Get Green Or Die Trying: Was Mr. Eco’s first mixtape, which had parodies of popular rap songs. The best song, and when Mr. Eco knew he was on to something was “Reusable Bag” a parody to Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag.”

2013: Hybrid Hip-Hop: Mr. Eco’s first original album that was released in Whole Food’s Stores nationwide. This album has a host of songs we still perform at schools including Mr. Eco’s most popular YouTube music video “Litterbug” as well as “EcoHero Anthem” and “Bottles Are For Babies” and “Be Bright: Turn Em Out.”

2016: Renewable Rap: Mr. Eco collaborated with youth singers from six countries to create Renewable Rap: The United States, Turkey, Colombia, St Luicia, South Africa and Taiwan. He even traveled to St Lucia and Taiwan to film music videos for songs Plastic Surgery and Two Wolves. Popular music videos you can watch from Renewable Rap are “Bag Monster” and “Straw Wars.”

2018: Amazing Waste: Mr. Eco is release his third original album “Amazing Waste” which is a concept album all about food waste. Be on the lookout December 1st! The majority of school shows sponsored by cities/counties have been focused on litter reduction and recycling, food waste and organics are the new recycling and we are excited for the album and to perform at schools with our food waste topics.


Lil Nico: Prince of Fresh Air, Bottles Are For Babies, Salad Bar Nation, Be Bright: Turn Em Out, Save Some For The Fishes, Straw Wars, Bag Monster
Marky Marcus: Be Bright: Turn Em Out, Save Some For The Fishes, Straw Wars, Bag Monster
Ellie El: Save Some For The Fishes, Straw Wars, Bag Monster
Biggie Lou: Coming soon!